In this section we place images of North West Catholic history interest.


Here is a view of Preston taken by Christian Franklin in January 2016   showing St Walburge's Church with a primary and secondary rainbow. The inner, primary rainbow is the result of a single internal reflection of sunlight  inside raindrops. The outer, secondary rainbow is the result of two internal reflections (see explanation).

Tom Smith's book on the building of St Walburge's - Raising Saint Walburge’s, 1850 to 1866 - is available for download to members of the Society.

St Walburge and rainbow

Frontispiece of Vaux's catechism. According to the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, Laurence Vaux's Catechism was the first Reformation era Catholic Catechism in English when it was published in 1567. Reprints followed in 1574, 1583, 1599 and 1605. This image is from the 1583 edition. The full version is available here.

Frontispiece of Vauxs Catechism



 Cardinal William Allen was born in 1532, at Rossall, near Fleetwood, Lancashire, England.

William Allen

The Society has published J. A. Hilton's two lectures on the four hundredth anniversary of Cardinal Allen’s death in 1994.